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2021 April 26: GRATITUDE for your support, contributions, your confidence in us and in our project.
Our pool, now closed, is a great success and exceeded the target. This money is now invested in the work to create the meditation room (renovation of the barn).
We have participatory worksites all spring-summer to set up the whole place (Tipi, Dome, dry toilets, ...), if you like to help, contact us!

July 11 : We wish to share with you a great JOY ! We met this place we hoped so much and prayed for… Our vision can be manifested on this land that has inspired us to change the name of our project… Spirit’s Nature, Land of Welcome becomes Spirit’s Nature, Land of Awakening. Those of you who will come there will understand why : — The forest whispers in our ears, the birds are singing tirelessly and the river carries away all that is no longer necessary to us… “As my ancestors used to say: with fresh water and pure air we are happy” (South American song)  — 
In few words: Dordogne, east of Green Périgord - 5 hec of forest - beautiful river!
Here comes a video that we made for you ! Good viewing ! (click on the image below)

Esprit's Nature - Lieu de rencontres

presentation of THE PROJECT


Holà! We are Gaëlle and Milenko and we are appealing today for your financial support. 
We need you to help us to realise the project we have been nourishing for several years: to acquire a place of Life, Work, and Coming together of a human community connected to Nature. 
Thank you and have a good reading !

To sum up: Ancestral Traditions, Rainbow Heart / Creativity, Resourcing, Self-Knowledge / Individual Accompaniments, Retreats, Celebrations,...

Esprit's Nature - Lieu de rencontres

1 - how are we ?

— Milenko, I am Chilean from the Atacama Desert, with Amerindian roots. Since 1991 I have been receiving teachings and initiations from Abuelos from several traditions of America. I am an Artisan Creator of Jewelry, as well as an Atacameño healer. I help people reconnect with the spirits of the elements, our guides, and Mother Earth.

— Gaëlle, French. I feel deeply rainbow Heart inside, inspirated by various traditions (Indian Ocean, Asia, America,...). With individuals or groups, I offer practices whose objective is to harmonize the physical and subtle bodies and also the spirit: Traditional-intuitive massages, feminine healing, Yoga, Psycho-chamanism... I am at the Service of Union.

Gaelle Milenko Atacama

« Together we offer practices whose goal is to reconnect to the Self, to Nature, and to develop Trust and Love in our Hearts »

 2- The project

In 2012, we created the "Corazón del Condor Wasi", in France, where various courses were hoste. In 2017, this place closed. We decided to live in a campervan and to open our retreats in new regions. Since then, we have been working on our great life project: to acquire a permanent place to settle. On a personal level, it will be our home. On the professional level, we will offer our professional activities there. On the spiritual level it will be where we carry out our life mission.

Today we need this land, so that our trees can plant their roots and give new fruits.

Schema stephan

objectives of the place

activitities in the place

3- financing

As we are living in a campervan since 4 years, it allowed us to visit many places, and do nice savings. Our vision has also become clearer, 2020 is the year to manifest it ! We would like to acquire a site with a structure already in place. The desire is to launch our activities quickly, and to continue the work already started more than 7 years ago without having to stop our activities to create an infrastructure.

  • camembertFRPersonal contribution: 80.000€
  • Collection target: 20.000€
  • Approximative price for the project (to buy place and structures): between 250.000€ et 300.000€
  • Financing envisaged for the remaining amount : loads from individuals, Bank loan.

To reach our goal we would need :
400 people giving 50€, or 200 people giving 100€,
130 giving 150€... It is possible Spreading the project around us, we can also make this percentage raise : 500 people giving 10€ = 5000€ (25% of our goal added) / 500 people giving 20€ = 10.000€ (50% added),...

4- Use of your contributions

camembert rencontreAll the money raised will go entirely into the
financing of the meeting space. An ERP
straw yurt costs around 30.000€, so we will
happily accept anything over the collection target. 

We need your support now as this amount also represents :

Material Impact :

  • a more substantial contribution to be presented to the bank for a professional credit (30% of the total sum is requested)

  • valorize our project for financial partners by showing them that we have the support of many friends who believe in our project and know it is viable.
    !! If you are not french, please indicate your country beside your name when you make the contribution. It will help, Thanks !!

Human Impact:
to create a vibration of abundance, altruism, generosity, and solidarity, linked to this project which we hope will benefit everyone.

▶ Fundraising link :

5- why contribuTe ?

  • You would like to see a place born and flourish that defends and propagates the values we embody.

  • You share our desire to protect ancestral traditions and ensure that their transmission continues.

  • You believe in our working methods. Such a place will allow us to deepen them, strengthen them, and spread our teachings.

  • You already know us, and you love us as much as we love you!

Here you have the opportunity to support us in order to materialize this vision!

ceremonie offrandes

6- others ways to support us

Small creeks form large rivers...
Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

7- in return for your generosity

Each participant will receive a lot of love and recognition from us. You will be welcome to visit us, share a walk, songs, laughters,...
You are all invited to the opening weekend.
For people making a contribution of more than 100€ and wishing something in return, please contact us (invitation to a sweat lodge or other activity that we offer).

Mamaquilla Hollande

8- next steps

We're well advanced on the search for our location, and we're making progress on funding. The goal is to find the location before the summer of 2020, so that we can settle in and welcome you there as soon as possible.

We are looking for a region that allows outdoor activities during a large part of the year. We are open to the magic of life that will lead us to the right place in France.

We will keep you informed of progress on our pages : Leetchi collection, Intimapu (frame on the right-top corner of this page) and Facebook (choice of the place, purchasing, use of your contributions,...).


We would like to thank all the participants in our courses, you have allowed us to acquire a Tepee already used for many meetings. And thank you for the gift of 1700€, recently received, which will finance the children's tepee.

Thank you to the loyal customers of our travelling shop. Thanks to you our personal contribution has been able to take shape over the last few years.

Thank you to all our wonderful friends who have supported us for years. Thank you for your hearts and actions which have already allowed us to share our work, as in France where a place was kindly lent to us for our activities. Also big thanks to the friends and family members who are helping us in this project. Thank you to you all, We love you!

THANK YOU to all of you for your participation in this collection.
Your help is invaluable

Nous Despacho